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Digital Video Recording

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Conventionally, video surveillance and security camera monitoring has been recorded to VCRs (video cassette recorders). Old VCR systems required intensive follow-up and maintenance because of the need to change, replace and recycle VHS tapes; furthermore, overwriting cassette recorders over and over again deteriorated picture quality and resolution.

Digital video recorders (DVRs) replaced VCR's, the storage media where it's no longer dependent on intense labor intervention or tape quality. Video images are stored digitally on internal hard drive storage.Some of the main advantages of digital video recorders are: extremely better image quality, ease of use, advanced search capabilities searching a video with specific date and time, simultaneous record and playback, no image degradation, improved video compression and storage, remote internet monitoring, recording, maintaining and more .

Digital Video Recorders come in various channel camera inputs. starting with 1 channel DVR and can go up to 64 channels. The DVR has a built in multiplexer which will allow you to view all of the camera channels at one time on one screen. and all the video is saved to the hard drive separately. Therefore, the conventional way of connecting a switch, quad, or multiplexer is not required with a DVR.